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Birdhouse Gallery 2015: Tim Solyntjes

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16_Solyntjes“Just a Birdhouse”  

Like a lot of my projects, I’ll overthink.   After a couple of weeks I settled for …. “Its just a birdhouse.”

Kept it all natural.  99% All cedar covers the pine with natural stone front.  ALL the wood is rubbed with Bee’s wax-mother natures water repellant & wood conditioner. Roof shingles are nontoxic.  A vinyl developed by Dupont.  The roof cap is aluminum, treated with a nontoxic, rustproof paint; (hence the 1%).  Materials are recycled and/or repurposed.

Artist Bio: Tim Solyntjes

I’m a “multi-media” kind of artist.  I’ll try out, incorporate, and challenge any ideas that come my way ….the plan is “ever-changing.” …the finished piece; always satisfies.

Hope you enjoy the house;  I’m pretty sure the birds will.  -Tim S.

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