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Resources for Artists

Connecting Virtually

Many artists use a website as a base for connecting to their customers, potential patrons and friends. The most successful sites include the artist’s artist statement, biography and/or curriculum vitae; a gallery of current work and a contact page that includes an email address and social media links. Links to an Etsy storefront, online sales galleries or other ecommerce shops can also lead to more support and sales.

If you are looking to start your own website, build your social media following or sell your artwork, here are just a few of the online resources available to help you select and make the most of online connections with your current customers and new audiences. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] for additional resources, ideas about what might work for you or referrals to local consultants.

Free Intellectual Property Legal Clinic

The Intellectual Property (IP) Clinic at the University of Minnesota Law School provides members of the local community an opportunity to obtain legal assistance involving IP such as copyrightable works, trademarks, patents and confidentiality obligations. Legal services are provided by second- and third-year law school students under the supervision of a licensed attorney. There is no charge for participating in the IP Clinic, though clients are responsible for out-of-pocket costs (such as copyright registration and trademark application fees). Applications are currently being accepted from interested clients for the 2023-24 Spring Semester (January-May). Please email [email protected] for an application form if interested.

Career Services at Springboard for the Arts

Springboard for the Arts provides a broad range of workshop, training and consultation programs for artists living in Minnesota. These include professional development opportunities, artist career consultations and Work of Art program. Find our more: