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Resources for Artists

Connecting Virtually

Many artists use a website as a base for connecting to their customers, potential patrons and friends. The most successful sites include the artist’s artist statement, biography and/or curriculum vitae; a gallery of current work and a contact page that includes an email address and social media links. Links to an Etsy storefront, online sales galleries or other ecommerce shops can also lead to more support and sales.

If you are looking to start your own website, build your social media following or sell your artwork, here are just a few of the online resources available to help you select and make the most of online connections with your current customers and new audiences. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] for additional resources, ideas about what might work for you or referrals to local consultants.

Online Resources

Websites – online portfolio and store

Social Media

Photographing Artwork

Blog or Vlog

Online Artist Directories

Artist directories can be utilized as a one stop shop for area visitors or arts patrons. However, like the yellow pages, print directories are passed over in favor of Facebook and Google searches. Online directories of artists by geography or membership group can be found online at, Earth Arts of the Upper St. Croix Valley and other artist collectives.

In March 2020, Mn Artists announced it will be discontinuing artist and organization profiles on its digital publishing platform at the end of January 2021. If you used for your profile and would like assistance creating a new profile on, please contact [email protected].

All artists living, working or otherwise connected to the St. Croix Valley in Minnesota or Wisconsin are welcome to have a free profile on