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Birdhouse Gallery 2015: Tammy Paulson

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14_PaulsonThe grain of the wood brought to mind some familiar songs. Burt Bacharach, Irving Berlin, Civilla Martin and an English translation of Carl Boberg’s Swedish words havebeen burned into this little home. Food coloring allows the grain to show through where it highlights. Three layers of polyurethane provide a protective coating. Enjoy this little bird stuga in your garden while you sing, too!

Artist Bio: Tammy Paulson

My husband and I have had a ring-necked dove, Lil, since the late 1990’s. We have also had an African love-bird and a couple of parakeets. When I read about the “Birdhouse Auction” in the Stillwater Gazette, it seemed like it might be a fun wood challenge, benefitting some fortunate gardens and birds. A fiber handcrafter, I tend to use embroidery, knotting, and weaving – preferring various traditional ethnic techniques. I’ve just had the opportunity to learn an ancient knotting technique, known as Nalbinde (binding with a needle). A few, or maybe a lot, more hours, and I’ll have a rug!

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