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Birdhouse Gallery 2015: Mimi Exon

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I frequent antique stores, estate sales, auctions and flea markets….and repurpose materials.  This year’s birdhouse features the Pantone color of the year – MARSALA.

Seeds, Quinoa and beans adorn the house.
Vintage wood blocks were used to print the message.
This event and Art Reach St. Croix create an opportunity for those who make Art, and those who appreciate Art, to FLOCK together to benefit the local Art scene.

Mimi Exon

Artist Bio: Mimi Exon

With a BS degree in Merchandising and Business and a Commercial  Art Certificate, I worked as an Art Director for a Public Relations Firm and an Art Director for a mail direct marketing company.

I made the decision to put a career on hiatus and focus on raising three daughters.

I was constantly asked as a stay at home Mom, “What do you do?”   My reply has always been “Whatever needs to be done.”

When the kids moved out and life changed dramatically, I decided to recommit to my Artistry  and rediscover the  Creative Self.  I have taken classes to be inspired and learn from people who make a living sharing their passion and talent with others.  Every blank canvas is exciting.  There is the need to go with your gut.

There is joy in conveying images that are seen and felt.  Inspiration comes from looking closely at items, rendering the way light and color play on objects.  Acorns and pinecones are perfect subjects.

I  appreciate the woods, observing creatures, watching th4e changing of the seasons, hiking, listening, finding serenity and joy in Nature.

I also render lures (my grandfather was a fishing guide).  Vintage fishing lures have stories to tell and so much personality.

My work includes colored pencils, pastels and oil paintings.

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