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Birdhouse Gallery 2015: Janice Lehman

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Camouflage was the idea that came to mind when deciding the colors and technique I would use for this birdhouse.  The colors I used, 7 in all, are some of the colors I see while viewing the woods and surrounding areas.  My aim for this birdhouse is to attract birds to raise their families in it and also as a shelter in other times of the year.   I used water based acrylic, outdoor paint.  I removed the perch and used a piece of white oak to add interest and provide a more natural entrance.

Artist Bio: Janice Lehman

Retired for 15 years, I use my time and resources working with several charities.  This is my first time being involved with ArtReach.  I am not a trained artist, but someone who loves Art of all kinds.  While picking up a birdhouse for my daughter, who is involved and trained in the Art field, I thought it would be great fun to decorate one also.   My personal art collection includes pieces by Kai Liu, Russ Vogt, Eddie and Richard Abnet, Jeffery Larson, Harold Copping and more.

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