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Birdhouse Gallery 2015: Taylor Berman

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33_BermanPrimarily working as a printmaker, I have an affinity for creating patterns and lines on 2D surfaces. For my birdhouse, I used acrylic paints to cover the surface with various lines and patterns that I generally use in my printed work. This project was fun in that it not only gave me an opportunity to hold a paintbrush again, but also allowed for some bright and playful use of color.

Artist Bio: Taylor Berman

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, studying to become an Art Educator and focusing on learning the traditional art form of printmaking. Most of my work is developed through the use of various printmaking methods (lithographs, etchings, linoleum & wood cuts), yet I frequently utilize painting and drawing in creating work as well. In many cases, the pieces of art that I create are documentations of my learning and thought processes as I discover and explore new worldviews, spiritual beliefs, and visual languages from around the globe. In translating my research and experiences into carefully composed images, I solidify my own understanding of these newly discovered concepts. Due to the more wholesome comprehension that results from this process, I become more able to integrate the positive and sage insights of these philosophies into my daily interactions with, and comprehension of, the world around me. These themes are derived from a range of sources spanning from the ancient wisdom of plant medicine cultures, to the contemporary writings of various philosophers and spiritual thinkers.

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