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Birdhouse Gallery 2015: Laurie MacGregor

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26_MacGregorA good friend gave me a box of wooden matches called “Birdie Brand.”  They were made in China and the bird graphic was simple, sort of primitive and charming.  I then began searching for old-fashioned looking graphics of birds with the thought of decorating my birdhouse with them.  My goal was to fashion an exuberantly happy place for birds, the walls posted with a variety of bird images, a home that said “Birds welcome!  Come on in and nest here!”   A leafy roof seemed like the only way to go, providing some camouflage and a silly, unruly look after they were glued in place, making the whole thing even a bit comical.

My hope is that this birdhouse evokes cheerfulness and will actually be placed in a tree and used by an avian pair and their offspring this summer.

Artist Bio: Laurie MacGregor

I am not an artist by profession, but I find artistic expression in the work I do. I work with my potter husband as his partner, taking photos, creating and designing graphics, maintaining his website and entering into the world of artistic expression in this way. I suppose I could call myself an artist in that my whole life I have done drawing, pottery, photography, singing, acting and playing the violin and was an elementary school teacher, a very creative profession that made use of all those talents. I do recognize that art is an integral part of my being and with 1/3 of my life before me, perhaps I will now choose one or two areas in which to focus.

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