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Birdhouse Gallery 2015: Julie Luna

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As a small child, I stood with my grandma on her back porch watching and listening to “grandma’s birdies,” imagining the journey the birds took to get to her home—all the other grandmas whistling to the birds, the leaves and flowers budding as they traveled north through wild and exotic lands. This birdhouse tells the story, in fiber and words, of grandma’s birds on their grand adventure to the back porch where I stood waiting for them.

Artist Bio: Julie Luna

My art blossoms from a deep well of feelings, prayers, instincts and sensations—a place where the Spirit resides and nudges me to express the Divine within. I use fiber that I have hand-dyed, thread and found objects. I enjoy stitching my pieces by hand because I believe it connects me to all the women who have gone before me that have used stitching as an expression of their creativity. In addition to creating art, I love to garden, read, hike, swim, collect rocks and sticks, and spend time with family and friends. I live in Stillwater with my husband, two children, one dog, two cats, two rabbits and two chickens.

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