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Birdhouse Gallery 2015: Gil Gragert

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One sunny fall afternoon about fifteen years ago I was walking by the Washington County Historic Courthouse when a flock of twenty to thirty cedar waxwings flew into a line of crabapple trees along the boulevard. Paying me no mind a few feet away, they cheerfully flitted among the branches, feeding on the abundant fruit, announcing their presence in high-pitched song. After these many years, I’ve found the ideal vehicle to express this experience in “Abundance.”

Artist Bio: Gil Gragert

Aspiring to teach art at one time, I exposed myself to a broad range of media over the years. While I enjoy exploring some of the more highly technical aspects of certain media, I tend to gravitate toward experimental arts using a combination of techniques.

Always looking to scrounge and repurpose material, I have an abundance of objects that I use in mosaic and assemblage artwork. While some may call my work whimsical, it is really very deliberate and carefully executed, often carrying a message or two about my experience or mindset.

For my “Abundance” piece, I saved the copper wire left over from rewiring our house. I found the birds at a garage sale while traveling in northern Minnesota last summer. The birdhouse wood is stained with acrylic ink.

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